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Yoga is about Connection

I ran across this post that said, "Your body's appearance & abilities say nothing about your WORTH or your yoga PRACTICE."


Over time and through doing our work, it has become more and more clear that the confines of thinking a body should or shouldn't look, feel or move a certain way is living with a form of self-hate. Further, tethering this underbelly of hate to our self-worth and confidence is 100% out of alignment when it comes to true yogic theory. That is, in fact, the OPPOSITE of what yoga is all about. Yoga is about connection.

And you know what? We've felt that time and time again just existing in our bodies - our host for this lifetime. We intellectually understand that we are worthy of it all - the whole kit and caboodle - of living a life FULL of love and connection! AND/BUT we also talk to ourselves as though we are mortal enemies, call ourselves an imposter and play on our insecurities by repeating self-talk that is at it's very nature straight up violent and full-court press disconnection. And, though it makes no sense, we tend to dwell in negative self-talk in the very moments where we need the most love, patience and support. This is counterintuitive to the way we would ever treat someone we love.

You are worthy. Period.

Your practice is not defined by how flexible you are or how great you look in yoga pants. It's not a shaping up for swimsuit situation around these parts. It's about living life wholeheartedly which cannot be born or take flight without believing that your worth is inherent, always - permanent. Wherever your choices lead you today, please consider this thought from Mary Shores, "we are actively creating connection or disconnection at all times." You're so worth connecting with.

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