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Learning to Listen

I've recently entered the world of online and real life dating (they are NOT the same!). It is a real trip, and I'm quite astounded by the rapid learning curve. Mind blown! There's this constant toggle; a stream of input and adrenaline. It's both taxing and exciting.

As this experience continues, the logical brain starts to formulate rules (boundaries) for self: how much information to share and with whom, understanding non-negotiables, deciding what intel is needed up front in order to meet... Yada! Yada! Yada! And simultaneously, the heart waxes and wanes between being open to receive and scared of being hurt.

The hardest and the most joyous part is the internal work revealing itself. It's not about the guy and their poor behavior or attention seeking stuff. There are a whole lot of peacocks out there right now strutting their stuff who have been cooped up for a long time! The peacocks are deserving of compassion too, even when they're creepy or don't exercise discernment or lack words that are in line with my values.

Bottom line - this is really all about alignment to self - learning what feels "right" by being willing to practice and live fully. So the continual offering of merciless self-compassion when not in alignment -- that's the work. And it's beautiful work!

Boundaries: an edge, guideline or limit that keeps relationships respectful, mutual, and safe. The act of holding one accountable for their behavior while accepting ourselves and others. Boundaries require discernment and relying on our internal wisdom to help steer us towards an aligned choice within ourselves. Wholehearted living was born in the idea that the act of practicing listening to the messages our bodies so readily sends us is an act of self love that can legitimately change your life.

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