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Hope in Falling Apart

There are so many ideas, theories and just straight up beautiful thoughts about the moon. This Blood Moon has me thinking and searching for post-it notes in old notebooks. It seems my collection of sisters really like to talk about the moon! Here are a few of my favorite pieces of ‘Moon Advice’ from trusted sisters:

  • Conscious open heartedness is stunningly beautiful.

  • Give thanks. Ask for what you want. Be deliberate with your words.

  • Dream bigger.

  • Invite openness and willingness to shift.

  • Letting go of that which is no longer serving you is beautifully scary AND a road worth choosing. Now is the time.

I view the Pandemic as so many awful things - so much death, grief, know - the breeding grounds for grasping for control. Lots of addiction and mental health needs emerging coupled with deep inequality in access to help. Folks are lighting fires left and right - blowing up life as they know it. Mistrust, misinformation, and a prevalent stink of division based on racism and privilege. Poverty. So much poverty.

- AND -

I view the Pandemic as the opening to great creativity, to no longer being able to ignore our inner whisperings, to being super brave and trying new things, to being forced to put yourself “out there” in order to feed your family, and embracing the pull to be in greater alignment with our truest selves.

There’s hope in falling apart. I am forever stuck on and perhaps slightly obsessed with the image of mending broken pieces of china with gold so that the light shines through - the idea that our journey and the cracks (heartbreaks) in our life story are also exactly when we’re the most beautiful. We are not ‘damaged’ and we ARE 100% worthy of abundant love AS IS. We are all in a human experience and are all deserving of merciful self-compassion. I cannot possibly know what your experience is like today or in the past anymore than you could mine. But I’ll trust that you have a story and that I could certainly learn something by pausing to listen to yours.

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