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"If your yoga class isn't accessible or equitable, you're not teaching yoga."


My family is differently wired. We are a talented, creative, intense crew, and we never give up.  


These fibers of my history, along with many sisterhoods (Sostre means "sister" in Norwegian) AND amazing teachers have helped me embrace yoga and art as vehicles of justice, equity, and accessibility.   


What I receive in return for my work can only be described as true abundance, as yoga has taught me I am worthy, just as I am.  Yoga has soothed me, supported my healing journey, and taught me so much about self-love. I can exist in my own skin, access breath, and choose how to respond.  It's my sincerest hope we can all experience this, and I believe wholeheartedly it's possible. This strong belief put into motion the dream of making yoga accessible for my family...and yours.


My intention as a teacher is to meet you where you are: mind, body and spirit, without judgment. I will hold a sacred space for your practice and encourage merciful self-compassion.




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